My Favorite Photos of 2008

Friday, January 9, 2009 | |

I've been back-and-forth a few times over whether to create this post or not, but I suppose it will be a useful reference to look back on. Also, I'll be submitting it to Jim Goldstein's "Your Best Photos of 2008" blog project.

2008 was a year (or in my case mainly the second half of a year) of trying a lot of things with my cameras. I got my digital camera off manual a lot more, learned a ton about post-processing, tried techniques such as HDR and creating 3D cross-view pairs for the first time, and shot a few rolls of film for the first time in several years.

So, this will not be a collection with a strong consistent theme beyond "here's the stuff I tried this year." I'll be very interested to see if, by the end of 2009, I have settled on a more consistent "look."

Here's the image that Flickr considers to be my most "Interesting." It was created for a challenge, and I think the constraint of that challenge (one second shutter speed) helped me to create something new for me:
Missing the Bus
It's also one of two in my top 10 "interesting" shots that is not HDR.

That is one thing I have learned this year at Flickr -- if you want a lot of views, shoot and process HDR. Here are my most viewed image followed by my personal favorite.
Pencil Party
Four Pastels, Dave Hill style
I call this one my favorite (today, at least) because I had a "look" in mind when I set it up, and I think I got quite close to what I was aiming for.

This year I not only shot several rolls of film, but I even shot a roll of black-and-white, something I hadn't done since college. Here's my favorite from that roll:
Full Roll 3: Finding Countries

And, the collection of 2008 favorites would not be complete without including an image shot for the July challenge, Light Fixtures.
Lights, Day 16: Living Room Ceiling Fan

Another day, I'd probably pick different images for different reasons, but I think this is a good look back at 2008 for now. Looking forward to everybody else's Best of 2008 posts!