Friday: Flickr Friends/Flickr Fun

Thursday, October 1, 2009 | |

Many of the best blogs have some recurring structure, usually certain types of posts on certain days. And while I don't have enough clout yet to start a guest-blogger Wednesday like Scott Kelby's (or at least I wouldn't get the photo world rock-star talent like he does), for a start, I'm going to declare Fridays to be Flickr Friends/Flickr Fun day, and showcase some of the amazing photographers that I have as contacts on Flickr, and also new/different ways to make the most of what Flickr has to offer.

My first Flickr Friends shout-out has to go to Adam Baker. Out of all my Flickr contacts, I'm most consistently excited to see his new uploads show up in my list. He's a fairly regular contributor (although apparently on a bit of a sabbatical at the moment), and has a consistent style and look (something I definitely don't have... yet...).

It's hard to pick favorites from his stream, as each new photo he comes up with wows me all over again, but here are a few to whet your appetite:

Not all of his shots are flowers, but many are, and they're the ones I'm drawn back to over and over.

In the Flickr Fun category for this week, I just stumbled across Photojojo's Photo Time Capsule. Once you've signed up (requires giving an e-mail address and authorizing their app to access your Flickr account), you'll receive e-mails twice a month with a selection of your Flickr uploads from one year ago. The "sample" edition they sent me when I signed up earlier today contained two of my pics of the North Georgia State Fair from last year:

This was doubly-cool because I'm headed to this year's edition of the fair tonight! What a great reminder to look back at what I shot last year. I should have some State Fair shots to share with you next week, along with news of a new self-assignment I've just started today. Happy shooting!



adam said...

Hey Scott,

Thanks so much for the shout out, I'm honored. It's so nice to know my work is appreciated.

I'll be off my sabbatical soon enough!