Self-Assignment: the October Oracle Office Project

Saturday, October 3, 2009 | |

Well, I didn't manage to keep up with the September daily black-and-white theme at, and I've been only an occasional player in their ongoing 2009 daily challenge recently, but I've decided to give myself a daily project for October. I call it the October Oracle Office Project.

The motivation for this project is that my company is moving us from our current location, the Atlanta Financial Center, to a new office location on the first of November. While I've taken quite a few pictures in and around our office over the past two years, I decided to be deliberate about capturing my views of this space during this final month before we move on. Hence, my self-assignment: 31 photos posted to Flickr during the month of October, capturing the exterior, interior, and close-up details of our office space. Who knows, after reading David DuChemin's book, maybe I'll even get brave enough to grab a few co-worker portraits (but don't hold your breath).

You can follow my progress, if you like, at Flickr, in my OOOP set (three pics posted; so far, I'm still on schedule).

My previous captures of the AFC exterior can be found with this tag. I've been less consistent in tagging shots taken inside the office, but here are a few I found:

I noticed that Trevor has a self-assigned theme going for October as well. Let me know if you have an ongoing theme or project running, I love to see it and give it a link from here.



Jeremy Brooks said...

Sounds like a fun project.

Stephen Chapman... said...

As that you are into photography (and I have done the 365 photos in a year project myself), I thought that you may be interested in a monthly blog posting called “5 on the fifth” where You can either take 5 random pictures of anything that happens to you on the 5th of December (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme.

Just post your pictures on your own blog and then post a comment on MY blog with your name, location and link to your site – I then update the entry so the world has your link. Remember to mention my blog on your own blog so that your visitors get to see the other contributions.


Here’s a link to my blog:

and a link to the “5 on the fifth” entries: